Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Good night friend.. this night i'm very tired  and then i searching in google and found about photoshop creation.. so i try one of many tutorial that i found.. Maybe it is very bad for you.. but informed, i'm just learning and rarely to create a design... 

It's My Tornado Dragon Fire Text :

manypict creation my photoshop tornado dragon fire test creation

that is my creation it's very bad.. what do you think.. do you same with me not like my creation..  hahaha.. i'm sorry.. i'm just learning it.. but that is not bad for newbie like me..

Maybe some netter like this.. *not expect*  but if you like My Tornado Dragon Fire Text creation you can request me with comment or if you want to download photoshop format and you can edit it back you can download it by reading more with click heading and go to full this page.. many thanks friends from coming to my site..

You can request me by coment in this topic.. or download photoshop format so you can edit it by your self and practice it..


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