Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hello friend..  Meet with me again in manypict.. this night i'll share about my creation because lately i like to design with photoshop.. i don't know why i want to design usually i like design so i focus to design but some times i like programming so i focus in coding, so I learn things about the computer half-way..  but maybe with that way i can learn about computer more..  *not mean i'm arrogant* hehehehehe.
This night i learn to make a beautiful rainbow manypict wallpaper.. This is it:
Abstract Rainbow Wallpaper Manypict

I'm sorry if some my friends not like this picture but i'm only i'm just learning it.. and Insya Allah become a proffesional design and make design for you All free.. 

O.K. Friend if you like My Abstract Rainbow Wallpaper Manypict creation you can request me with comment  in this topic or if you want to download photoshop format and you can edit it back with better design and more beautiful than my creation, you can download it by reading more with click heading and go to full this page.. many thanks friends from coming to my site..

You can request me by coment in this topic.. or download photoshop format so you can edit it by your self and practice it..

this is for prince that very good blogger :

Prince91 Abstract Rainbow Wallpaper

Request It I'll make it for you free