Monday, July 4, 2011

Hello everyone.. a long time i don't update manypict.. maybe we don't know each other but in many pict we all are friend.. like the maher zein song:

"Gathered here with my family

…My neighbours and my friends
Standing firm together against oppression holding hands
It doesn’t matter where you’re from
Or if you’re young, old, women or man
We’re here for the same reason; we want to take back our land
Oh God thank you
For giving us the strength to hold on
And now we’re here together

Calling you for freedom, freedom
We know you can hear our call ooh
We’re calling for freedom, fighting for freedom
We know you won’t let us fall oh
We know you’re here with us"
O.K. enough to singing maher zein song..   i'll show you that animals also have a sense of whether it's love against each other even to his son .. eventhough wil animals and whatever it is .. come on friend see it ..

Friend, we have seen that even wild animals can be loving and loved.. come one.. we are all friend and we must be guard and cherish each other..  O.K. friend.. God bless you all.. many thx for visit my blog..
once again you can download it at ziddu friend.. come on download it here: 


Anonymous said...

wow it's amazing

Mohd Elson Al-furqon said...

wow it's amazing