Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hello my friend meet with manypict again...  some times i'm bored and i'm try to make a photoshop design but i'm very bored..  so i browsing at kaskus and found many good topic for you all.. such as this topic i just found that many amazing art with pencil creation..  subhanallah.. i'm not sure there are made only with pencil.. but surely there are true.. there were made with pencil..  check it out!!!

Amazing Pencil Art Woman and child Under bridge

Amazing Pencil art old tree

Amazing Pencil art demon

Amazing Pencil Art Boogeyman

Amazing pencil art princess

Amazing Pencil Art knight

Amazing Pencil Art Demon Horse

Amazing Pencil Art Hollywood Artist

Amazing Pencil Art Keyra

Amazing pencil art satan moose

Amazing pencil art eye

Amazing pencil art lord of the dead

Amazing Pencil art tree on glass

Amazing pencil art the remmant

Amazing pencil art the vunsvagh

Amazing Pencil art witch moth

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