Thursday, July 14, 2011

We know many creativers in all the world and you can look some uniqueness with one of the unique with the rings..  and maybe you interested with it and want one of them.. but i don't know how to get it with free...  hahahaha 

Growing Ring
Go green with grass and tree rings suitable for us which love go green.. 

Ring-shaver: Shave with a Flick of a Finger
The ring can also be used as a shaver... With this, you could shave anywhere..  do you can imagine we shave in the garden..

Food Decor Ring
This ring is a sample ring foods that make you always free hungry.. 

Nail File Ring
Nails can be done anytime with use it.Ring made of stainless steel and it is perfect for women who like pedicure... 

Adder Bite Alchemy Gothic Snake Ring
Used in ring finger, this snake ring finger will look bite your index finger, cool!.. Ghotic style friend.. but many trouble if we use.. hahahaha 

Book Ring
This book ring design be made by ana cardim.. if you want you can write diary on it.. *how can i read it.. lol* 

Remember Rings
For people who forget the big day - birthday or wedding,or anniversary. This ring very suitable for a wedding gift for the husband and wife.There is heating element about 120 degrees Fahrenheit to be active for 10 seconds every hour, warmed our finger 24 hours before the H day.. wow.. very amazing.. 

Cushion Ring
Its name is pilo-pilo,This is a ring with a mini cushion attached above and very suitable for us who has a habit of rest, reflection or thinking with put it into our cheek.. but i think with the small form, can we use it for sleep with put it into our cheek? 

Dream House Rings
'Dream House' ring is a ring of miniature buildings which contain gold and 18 carat white gold. Very Cool ring! 

Gorgeous Architecture-Inspired Rings
Very beautiful! The art of architecture, made ​​of stainless steel, gold, silver, titanium, Corian and Jewels.. this one is unique.. 

Pink Flowers and Fuchsia Resin Ring

Beautiful ring  made of high quality resins, which are native flowers will never wither... 

Sculpture Ring
Beautiful and luxurious rings from nOir Jewelry. Go beyond the predictable with NOIR fashion jewelry that takes edgy street influences and redefines them for a fresh approach to glamor. 

what do you prefer friend? i prefer the remember rings one..
Very beautiful friend if you like it.. please give me comment friend.. i love you all..