Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Frogs eat insects alive, the usual things. However, what about the insects that eat frog alive? This is revealed in a study from the University of Tel-Aviv. The study shows that a beetle of the genus Epomis, devouring an amphibian that has a bigger body. Amazingly, the prey eaten alive by the predators.

Wilsen Gil, one of the researchers, said that generally amphibians are predators of insects that the menu is one of adult beetles. However, the latest video recorded by him showing beetle attacks carried out against the frogs and toads. Furthermore, Wilsen said that it was a new discovery in the interaction between amphibians and insects as well as documenting an unusual phenomenon, namely invertebrates prey on vertebrates.

Wilsen own use 2 types of beetles Epomis, namely Epomis dejeani and Epomis circumscriptus. Both can be found on the coast of Israel. In previous studies, indicate that beetle larvae eat Epomis amphibians that have died. It aims to complete the life cycle of beetles. However, in a recent study, showing that Epomis beetles also prey on amphibians alive.

Furthermore, the researchers found that Epomis initially sharing a residence with his prey in the daytime. However, they will soon eat it when darkness began to come. In the laboratory itself, the habit of adult beetles to prey exposed to 5 types of amphibians, namely: Green Toad (Bufo viridis), Savignyi frog (Hyla savignyi), Levant Green Frog (Rana bedriagae), Banded Newts (Triturus vittatus), and Salmander Fire (Salamandra infraimmaculata salamandra). This study shows that both types of beetles Epomis have the same menu in most types of amphibians. Except for species that prey Epomis dejeani Banded Lizard.

The study provides additional evidence that the beetles Epomis, both larvae and adults, are predators of amphibians. Wow scary!