Friday, August 12, 2016

Who doesn't know Pokemon Go? currently, that game booming in the world. This New Startup in Augmented Reallity game truly interesting many eyes.  Not just kid playing this game even adults play it too. Moreover The Media seemed intervene to be booming.

Many strange occurrences when people are playing this game.Example funny incident  like the french pokemon go player was arrested because he pass the military quarters until sad incident, Teen shot dead because he try breake the house to catch pokemon go.

Back to the post title, and now i will give the pokemon go wallpaper that i found, maybe unique or indifferent. But for you that maniac with pokemon go. i upload it for your handphone wallpaper, notebook or computer. and this is it

Mystic Pokemon Go Wallpaper Download

Battle Pokemon Go Wallpaper Download

Mystic, Instinct, and Valor team wallpaper Pokemon Go Wallpaper Download 
Cute pokeball Pokemon Go Wallpaper Download

Pokeball Wallpaper Pokemon Go Wallpaper Download

mini cute Poster Pokemon Go Wallpaper Download

Cute Pikachu Pokemon Go Wallpaper Download