Tuesday, September 4, 2012

hello my super friends.. i'm come back.. after a long long time i'm drowning in my work.. and i'm busy with my work outside my region crossing mountains and oceans..

But now and then i'll give beautiful journey and will described by beautiful journeys picture in my life.. ok.. my first writing after a long long time is the image from the little camera.. ya.. my little camera is from Samsung Galaxy mini with macro lens i have..

here.. few result..

that's amazing litle photo with my little camera.. thx for coming here.. if you want i visit your blog just comment under this .. or shoutbox in the right position.. many thx..


Orkid awek said...

i love flowers..:)

Misyahzniirf Alid said...

Nice photo shoot ..... it great an beautiful ..

Anonymous said...

Yang merah macro nya dapet.