Friday, May 13, 2011

if see the toy soldiers, turned out for the kids as real forces ...

ordinary scooter? Do not underestimate this scooter for most of the kids you know like a big foot

cardboard? but according to the child's imagination that is Air Craft

School class even considered prison ...

doctor? in the imagination of most rich kids executor of the death penalty ... (somewhat redundant hell) but that's why so many children are scared of the doctor

imagination so still, so the kids are lazy meal

usually the kids like to scribble on the wall because they imagine the corridors are like a canvas ..

These children consequently not be silent, because for the children there is a fire down there ... Well that's more or less

I believe ya, when netter still kid, nette would like to play a sword consequently the paper pipe is usually used as a sword ..

is it quite clear that?

see dad like a hero

vegetables are considered monsters .. LOL :))

for children's toys like a real friend

if child's eating the fried chicken seemed like play an action movie ..

Indonesian culture ondel-ondel, mama ada ondel-ondel atut... :D indonesian people must know