Friday, May 6, 2011

A university education in Quebec, Canada, with a view of campus that is second to none in the world .. Are you dare to jump in there? 

A super unique rock formations in the mountains in eastern France. ih creepy but not unique. hard standing there bro!!! 

Haunted City of New Orleans, Louisiana
although this is not a scene, but I think these creepy, too. Haunted City of New Orleans is a place that is considered by locals, visitors and paranormal investigators around the world as the city's most truly haunted and No. 1 in the entire United States. if you dare go out at night?

Arctic sea rowing relaxing in crystal-clear (but dingiiinn). The Arctic is the Arctic region of the earth (from the Greek which means bear). I think this is not scary but very beautiful. 

Tungurahua Mountain, Ekuador. 


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